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Our staff represent more than a collection of committed caregivers.

They are a home care team united by a common philosophy of care. It is a genuine love for those that need care that fuels their commitment.

For this team it is deeply personal and part of their life’s mission.

Owner of C&S Healthcare services & Care Management Houston

Cindy Hartman, RN, BSN

Aging Life Care Professional

Cindy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from the University of Texas at Arlington. She has 30 years of clinical experience including: medical/surgical nursing and home health care. Cindy served as the Director of Professional Services supervising all disciplines in five home health care offices in the South Texas area. In 1997 Cindy began her Geriatric Care Management practice and started C&S Care Management, Inc. Within 5 years she opened C&S Healthcare Services, Inc. to provide in home care to the elderly and disabled. She is a member of the Aging Life Care Association. Cindy is married to the love of her life, Steve Hartman. They have three children and ten growing, vibrant grandchildren that keep them young.

Inspired by my grandmother, Mama Sut and my father, a rural physician, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing, and worked on the medical-surgical unit of a Dallas hospital. I knew I was helping people but I never felt satisfied. I would often think of Mama Sut and how she needed more care as she aged. It would be 15 years later while living in George West, Texas that I discovered my passion for Home Health Care. I became a traveling nurse with a stethoscope in hand and a bag full of supplies in the other. I often found myself in the bedroom of an elderly patient needing more care than their families could provide and the family not knowing what to do or where to turn. How could I help them?

With years of practical experience as a foundation I started C&S Care Management and began to provide real options for families, guiding them and their loved ones to find innovative solutions to seemingly overwhelming issues, navigating the pitfalls that often befall an elderly person living alone, companionship, and advocating for those weakened voices that need to be heard. My goal was to do all of this in a kind, loving and supportive way. C&S Care Management and C&S Healthcare Services brought that dream to reality.

More than 30 years after becoming a home care nurse and Care Manager I began my personal care giving journey as a long distance caregiver with my own parents. The path I walked with them was not easy. The journey was wrought with emotion and unexpected challenges. Care giving not only made me a better daughter, mother and grandmother but a better Care Manager.

The establishment of C&S Healthcare Services not only introduced a new holistic concept in the way we treat and look after our elderly but it makes a REAL difference in how we partner with families and their loved ones to promote their independence, health and wellness together as a team.

What does C&S stand for? Comfort and Support…We are ready to help you in your journey.

Registered Home Healthcare Nurse River Oaks

Joyce Bridie, RN

Director of Nursing
Alternate Administrator

Joyce is a Registered Nurse and native Houstonian. She is a wife, mother of three, and grandmother of seven precious grandchildren. She treasures family time especially being outdoors with her grandchildren.

Her compassion and devotion to help those struggling with their health, be it children with cancer, a ninety three year old lady with a broken hip, or just someone who needs a little help to stay independent in their own home, has been a consistent guiding force in her life. In fact, it was observing her friends and family age that intensified her devotion to geriatric nursing.

Joyce is relentless in her advocacy, she is not intimidated to fight for her clients and their families. It is her unswerving commitment to family (be it hers or those she cares for) that has earned her the respect and trust of all she comes into contact with.

This passion to do the right thing is absorbed by those she mentors and guides. This ensures that her dedicated team of personal home care assistants provide the best care possible for clients in their homes.

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