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To give you the best information for care decisions, contact

a C&S Aging Life Care Professional at 281-550-8444.

For easy access you may also complete the contact form on the contact us page

 and an Aging Life Care Professional will respond to your inquiry.

There are many things to consider when researching the care needs of your senior loved one. Exploring available options can be overwhelming and confusing. A C&S Aging Life Care Professional, will assess your loved one's situation, identify appropriate care options and recommend alternatives which are best suited to meet his or her specific needs.

An assessment includes, but is not limited to:

  • Contact information

  • Support systems

  • Current care and services

  • Current living environment

  • Medical history

  • Medications

  • Self-care and activities of daily living

  • Memory – orientation – judgement

  • Social history

  • Insurance coverage

  • Financial circumstances

  • Advance care planning

C&S Aging Life Care Professionals will:

  • Assess a client's concerns and situation

  • Identify level of need

  • Research appropriate alternatives and available resources

  • Explain care options

  • Make appropriate recommendations

COVID-19 UPDATE: For more information on C&S Healthcare's policies for reducing the risks of infection, click here.

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